How in the world do not have two identical companies and products, respectively, and the approach to the development of a site or service to the customer may not be typical. On this page you will see a whole range of projects that we have completed recently.

Development of B2B and B2C Internet platform for «Konturterm» company

Development of B2B and B2C Internet platform for «Konturterm» company

Konturterm Group of Companies was founded in 1993. The main specialization is the complete set and delivery of equipment for boiler rooms, industrial and domestic heating systems, water supply, water treatment, drainage and sewerage.
The company is not just a supplier of necessary products, but a reliable partner for hundreds of the Kaliningrad region. professionals.
They contacts us with a request to create a modern online store to create an information platform for interaction with b2b and b2c customers.

The following tasks were set:

- Improve the current site image
- Development of tools for effective communication between the company and customers
- Describe the events taking by company
- Create a reliable contractor image in the eyes of potential customers
- Develop mechanisms of work with individuals and legal persons
- Reflect the specificities of the category diversity of the price groups 
- Translate the logic in the work of the loyalty system from 1C to the site
- And so on and so forth

As part of the project we have not only created modern and sales website, but increased the level of premium services in the eyes of the client, through a page traffic.

For customer:
- design taking into account the overall style of the company and elements of existing identity has been developed
- the navigation system of elements in the catalog through a complex banners system that adapt to the interests of the user has been created
- The difficulty of verification some users was solved by creating user groups in the personal account
- Personal account for the B2B segment was made with a constantly changing catalog, which allows you to find the necessary goods quickly
- A system of the site integration with 1C 10 and 11 versions.
- Translation of the loyalty system to the site from 1C with automation of calculation of price groups and categories of customers has been implemented.
- The system of automatic generation of documents for work with all types of users was configured
- As part of the project for large customers has been implemented an interface for quick search of the product base and the potential for replication typical orders.
- The complexity of the transfer integration of too many discount conditions and operational verification of users was solved through the development of the 1C web service. When the user authorizes, a request is sent to the web service, which returns the user's membership to the group and pulls up the necessary discount.
- A project manual and training materials with a total amount of more than 100 pages were developed and provided during the duration of the project.

The company received a modern tool for the organization of marketing companies, was able to start working with the accumulated customer base and use the site as a lead generating tool.

The pressure on the customer service department has been reduced, due to the transfer of offline processes to online.