How in the world do not have two identical companies and products, respectively, and the approach to the development of a site or service to the customer may not be typical. On this page you will see a whole range of projects that we have completed recently.

Online store base construction materials BSM

The project was created by the online store database of building materials "BCM". The company operates in the Kaliningrad market suppliers of building materials since 2003.   Base of building materials FRF - a professional trade various goods in the rough construction and simple decoration (training "Gray-key"). The range of the FRF is selected so as to provide construction professionals with all the necessary work, while not diverting various decorative materials. Particular attention is paid to the provision of large amounts of goods, as well as the high speed of customer service (especially for large, complex purchases). In the course of study was carried out the scope of the customer, identified key business objectives and needs of the customer, who must decide the site. With this stage managed to implement a site with such functionality that fully meet the customer's expectations. The main purpose of the created site is a presentation of the range of products and the brand itself "BCM". As part of the goal following problems were solved: Implement effective Internet showcase products. Site visitors are given the opportunity to see the information on the prices and availability of goods in stock. Site visitors are given the opportunity to create a list of purchases (pre-order) with the ability to save this list and print it.

Key features of the project

For a project to create an online store "BSM" is characterized by the following features:

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