How in the world do not have two identical companies and products, respectively, and the approach to the development of a site or service to the customer may not be typical. On this page you will see a whole range of projects that we have completed recently.

Online store of sport goods

The project was created by the online sporting goods store. 
He is the biggest online-shopping outlets in Russia. The site contains a large variety of products ranging from sports shoes and costumes and finishing hair accessories and towels. 

The project began with a study of the subject area, identify business goals and objectives of the customer, creating unique scenarios and modeling the interaction of customers and employees with an online store, forming prototypes online store and overlay scenarios for them, then was drafted detailed terms of reference, taking into account the information received in the previous stages. 

On the basis of detailed technical specifications was established modern online store, easy and intuitive for visitors. And that much important, having an adaptive design that allows the site to display correctly on all modern devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops.

Key features of the project

The key features of the project are

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