How in the world do not have two identical companies and products, respectively, and the approach to the development of a site or service to the customer may not be typical. On this page you will see a whole range of projects that we have completed recently.

Online store for the Federal network of multi-brand stores of exquisite sweet gifts «Marzipan house»

Online store for the Federal network of multi-brand stores of exquisite sweet gifts «Marzipan house»

«Marzipan house» contacts us with a request to create a modern, adaptive online store of sweet gifts to order and deliver the company's goods anywhere in Russia.
«Marzipan house» is the federal network of multi-brand stores of exquisite sweet gifts.

Products from the most famous brands in Europe and Russia are presented here.

The following tasks were set:

- Create the website of the federal network of multi-brand stores of exquisite sweet gifts.
- Tell information about Konigsberg marzipan and its history
- To present the company's personal brands on equal ground with the products sold, its history and production methods
- To solve the problem of fast goods delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg
- Launch the website before the new year to have time to set up marketing advertising and test the users behavior on the site
- And so on and so forth

The tasks were set in the midst of the exponential growth of the business offline-part.
Before starting the work, we performed an audit of the current site of "Marzipan house", which failed to meet the requirements of the Customer and the Internet present-day developments.
We analyzed the range and work features of offline stores, found out from the head of the company his business goals and current pressure points.
It became clear to us that the changes taking place in the company are so major and rapid that it is impossible to start the online store developing without formulating a new federal marketing strategy «Marzipan house».
The customer gave assent to expanding the scope of the task, and we joined the working group to prepare a new strategy.

Based on the new approved concept of offline business, we started to create a website.

In the process of the first stage the main tasks have performed:

- All the main scenarios of the site are automated. The site does not require the consideration of the operator
- The product catalog navigation system is placed on the first level of the menu, which allows users to immediately see the entire range of products
- Some of the usability elements are used to generate a positive response from the visual perception of the content
- The design sets sights the aesthetic transmission of content and facilitating its perception
- A photo shoot of the products was held to convey the richness and brightness of the taste of the products sold, the resulting material formed the basis for use on the site and further use in marketing communications
- Integration with fulfillment-center service is implemented starting from storage of goods to its delivery to the customer
- The blog about marzipan has been created. This section accommodates news about the updating of the catalog, informative and interesting articles about marzipan, recipes for baking using marzipan and much more
- And so on and so forth

After the publication the new version of the online store, the SQI (Site Quality Index) increased by 45% compared to the previous site version.
The page traffic increased by 48% even in the early stage
A good result indicator for us is the customer loyalty to further promote the site and bring it to the target indicator of revenue and profitability.